Sanzo Wholesale Handmade Glassware Manufacturer Unique Single Glass Red Wine Decanter/Flagon 1200ml/40oz 900031

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Sanzo Glass Red Wine Decanter/Flagon 1200ml/40oz / Wholesale Glass Red Wine Decanter/Flagon / Handmade Glass Red Wine Decanter/Flagon

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  • Soda-Lime Glass
  • Small Trial Order
  • Handmade
  • Custom

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Customized product is welcome, send your special inquiry to us now!

From choice raw material to make goods, every process is by handmade blown elaborately. Proficient process, exquisite technology, careful control, make the unique and classic glassware. Perfect and exquisite technology, beautiful and handsame shape, show the fashion taste.

Imagine, if life in many a set of glasses, life more than just a taste, much a few minutes to enjoy, nature also much a few minutes appeal, and let your heart be full of pride, and elegant and special, that the glass must be right for you.

Shanxi SANZO Glasswork Co.,Ltd

Contact Person: Peter Lee

Telephone: +86 18635185958

Landline: +86 351 2830850

Company Address: Rm1801C Time Square, No.27 Chuangye St., Xiaodian Dist.,Taiyuan, Shanxi China - 030006


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